how to ad music

How to Add Music.

How to Add Music in VN Video Editor: Enhance Your Video Editing Skills.

How to add music in vn video editor mod apk.its not easy to add music but i have completed the process in this post. That is very easy but after understanding my all process step by step. We can totally change the voice and add our favorite song and add our video winch topic we want to share with video editor is a very good platform for beginner which want to make videos for different platform like Facebook Instagram YouTube etc. we can edit video with advanced tools which is premium unlocked and free mod apk is very advance and easy to use.

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In this post we will learn how to add music in our video. We will understand step by step so please stay with me.

What is VN Video Editor?

Vn video editor is a video editing have hundreds of effects features and filters which are premium unlocked. We can enhance our video with the help of this application.

can make YouTube shorts, Facebook stories, Instagram reels and other platforms. In simple words we can make a perfectional video using the VN video editor.

How to Add Music in VN Video Editor.

Here I’m telling you step by step how to add music in the vn Video editor. Its taking some time so don’t worry after flow these steps we are able to add music in vn video editor.

First, ensure that you have VN Video editor latest version now open vn app in your android Mac Or Pc where you have to make video.

  • 1 simply click on the plus icon and create a project.
  • 2 select a video from the gallery. 
  • 3 Now click the next button and wait for the video to be uploaded.

When the video is uploaded, click music icons which are available in the vn video editor TimeLine. Choose the music and replace it into your other way vn video editor have many background music which is free of cost we can use these music. If you want to add another collections vn video editor support MP3,MA4,WAV WMA format file.

Sometimes audio file length is long so adjust the length of file and make it equal to your videos.we can easily adjust and trim video to use vn video editor effects.

With the help of a volume control tool we can adjust the volume of the video editor is a wonderful application for big users they have all effects. After using these effects we can make a competitive video for Facebook YouTube Instagram etc.

After adding music we can check if the video is clear. thing. If editing is good so save your file in required format .and now we can share our video on different platforms just like YouTube Instagram Facebook etc.

Vn video editor is a very powerful platform where we can edit is not difficult how to add music in vn video editor.we are discussing easy and simple methods of how to add music in vn video we are able to add music in our video and make comprehensive video.for different platform.

If you have any questions please feel free and send me your issue in the comment box. I’m always available for you.

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