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How to Blur in VN Video Editor:

How to blur video in vn video editor. Some time we need to blur out video background or image or other object blur form our video we can easily apply this effects in video to use vn video video video is a best platform for blurring image background or other object.

how to blur video in vn video eiditor

It’s a very famous effect. We can enhance our video and blur some objects’ backgrounds and unwanted objects. IN this post we are discussing blur  effects step by step how to blur video in vn video editor. It’s very easy but it takes some time and understanding all steps and applying them on your video.After good practices we are able to apply these effects on our video.

How to Blur Face in VN Video Editor.

Applying this effects on our video flow these following steps carefully and after understanding these steps we can easily apply them on our video.this to blur in vn video editor.

  •  First download a video editor app just like VN video editor and others which are suggested for you.
  •  After downloading the app, install it on your device and open this application.
  • After opening the app click the + button and select the video which you want to edit.
  •  Simply go on google and search blur censored and download your favourite sticker.
  • Now go into the video editor app and click on the sticker button and select your saved sticker in your gallery.
  • Now go to the menu and choose the radial options.and you are looking at two arrows here now click the arrow button and dredge down for making edges soft.
  • Now click the blending options, select luminosity and next.
  • Set relevant unwanted objects and set the size of the sticker and adjust where you want blur.
  • After this process click on the keyframe option and adjust the sticker on the face of the object and select time period.
  • Now preview the video and check if the blur effects are active if the effect is done so save your file and share it on another platform.

How to Blur a Video in VN Video Editor.

Apply blur effects in a video to use vn video editor. Flow these following steps.

  • Open the app and click + icon and select a video from the gallery.
  • Select background remover option from menu bar.
  • Now click on the image and adjust blur and apply it all.
  • Now hide your video upward now the blur video is ready.
  • Congratulations now your video is done.

Covering Up:

Vn video editor is a very powerful platform where we can edit is not difficult how to add music in vn video editor. We are discussing easy and simple methods of how to add music in vn video editor. Now we are able to add blur effects in our video and make comprehensive videos.for different video editor is a perfectional video editor after using this how to add blur application we can make a perfectional video for different plate form like Facebook story YouTube shots Instagram reels etc.

If you have any questions please feel free and send me your issue in the comment box. I’m always available for you.

Blurring technique is a very important step to enhance video. After using these effects we can blur unwanted objects from video and the most important thing is we can use them in our smartphones.

Yes we can customize the shape of blur video editor have shape customize options after use its effects we can adjust shape.

Yes we can blur multiple areas of video to use vn video editor. After apply blur effects we make duplicates the effects.


Overall, the VN Video’s Editor has some limited feature adds on app watermarks and so low video edit. But VN MOD is very advanced and much more premium unlocked features no add no watermark and create our video with quickly edit options. We can use this applications in iOS. IN iOS we make video very fast and good Conditions.

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