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How To Add Text In VN Video Editor (Complete Tutorial For Everyone)

how to add text. We need to complete information on how to add text in vn editor its very difficult to manage its how many size required and color size design tec.VN Video editor have many options and different styles of ad text after understanding this step we can easily add text in our video but still we need its to procedure of adding text in our video and easily brief our video meaning why we need to add text.tutrial of effect how to add text.

Free VN Video Editor For how to ad Text In A Video.

With the help of text we can imported  perfect video.user can easily understand after reading the other worlds we can say text is a big effect for our video. Text brings complete information for use. how to ad text It’s very helpful when users belong to another language so text can engage them without text video. User can easily understand this video and clearly use this articles I’m telling you how to add text.

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We make videos for YouTube, Instagram , Facebook and other platforms. Text can make meaningful video.VN video editor is a very good and free tool for beginners. Its easy to use and very easy how to add text.

how to add text in vn mod

It has a lot of style of text size of font color off fount and more unlocked features hundred of text template text animations and you get more about text template in final word I’m telling you how to ad text is a very advanced video editor tool. How to ad text.

How To Add Text In VN Video Editor – Step-by-step Guide.

We need to know how to add text mod to flow these following steps: text icon is already available in B roll film track on editing timeline such as name title descriptions etc.

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how to ad text in vn mod
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Step 1 how to ad text.

  • Step1 T-icon we can add text here
  • Step2 An icon we can customize font size here.
  • Step 3 color Icon we can select text color background color drop shadow etc.

If you are interested to add text in your video so stay with me.

step 2 how to ad text.

  • Simply  go in video editing timeline.
  • Click on the text icon which is available in the video editing timeline.
  • Now open a text box where you can select your favourite layout.
  • Know add text which you want to add
  • After adding the text you can change his size, background colour etc.
  • After adjustment click on the done button and save as a change.
  • Now drag the text and set his locations and time.


We need to learn how to add text in vn mod VN video editor is an understanding platform for beginners. We can easily import our video. And share different platforms just like YouTube, Facebook Instagram has many other functions such as multitrack editing how to ad text editing text color font size background color etc. and user can make a good and competent video. 


Yes we can add text in our video to use b roll options simply click on T icon and add text set his size color Background color etc..

Yes, the VN Video editor has an option to add text in our video easily.

Simply go on T icon and add text after adding text we can select location where you adjust text timeline select video and adjust it.

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